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while rescue and relief efforts are under way. the united states embassy in haiti is working around the clock to locate american citizens, believed to be in the country. a travel alert is in effect until march 13th. now, we have a little bit of an update here, savannah, from the white house. the president received two briefings this morning at 7:15. one was an update from the dhs, the homeland security department's national operation center, and then he got a memo from the national security adviser, which described just what they have learned so far. i know one thing, savannah, that they're hoping to do is get, now that daylight has broken, is get an aerial view of the devastation in and around port-au-prince so they can get at least some idea of what they're dealing with, since they don't have a lot of information from on the ground reports just yet, savannah. >> yeah. i mean, communications are basically nonexistent, so it's really hard to get a handle on what's needed, but suffice it to say, a lot of help is needed and we're told u.s. relief efforts are already under way to get t
released a new audiotape, purportedly of osama bin laden. the voice on that tape blames the united states for climate change and the global economic downturn. >>> in haiti, two weeks after the earthquake, medical supplies are still in short supply. they need antibiotics and painkillers and doctors there are still overwhelmed by the thousands of patients seeking treatment each day. >>> and could there be literary masterpieces hidden in j.d. saling salinger's new hampshire home. he died yesterday at the age of 91, but reportedly continued writing until his death, keeping a treasure chest of manuscripts in his safe. salinger refused to publish his late life's work. now to chuck and the 2010. >> that's pretty exciting. on the bin laden story, i guess his oil money didn't contribute to climate change. >> interesting to see him venture into other areas. >> no irony there on where he gets all his money as well. >>> let's move to the 2010. the debate over ideological purity in the republican party on display last night in charleston, south carolina. our own jobe jeb and mika brzezinski, they test
facilities all over the city. some places have been reinforced by doctors from the united states an overseas who have come here to help, that existed before. others are completely contained field hospitals that have been flown in and are up and running now. there is a big problem with coordination. units that have specialized care for things like orthopedic surgery which is desperately needed, or people who get bruises get sent to these specialized facilities and there's nobody coordinating it. there's just a complete lack of coordination. even the doctors on the ground don't know what other beds and facilities are available and because of the short animal of fuel, because of all sorts of other logistic problems it is very difficult to get all these patients moved around. as that happens people die because we're really getting to be a long way off from the earthquake now so increasingly, people who would have been just fine if they had gone to the equivalent of an american emergency room are now in a situation where they they're dying of infections because they're just not getting treatment.
of that will be coordinated by governments, including the united states. it will also be coordinated by folks who are literally arriving here at their own behest. we have the university of miami, a team of doctors that just arrived here. what can you do at this point? there is no infrastructure here, there is no hospital to go to. what do you do for those patients, those victims who need to be triaged right on the street? >> we don't know. we just got here. we'll see what's going on. we have been here before. we have a usual mission that comes down here almost on a quarterly basis so we're used to the hospitals and the infrastructure. we'll just see what we can do. whatever we can't do we'll just transport back up. >> you have that plane there. have you a team here, a lot of work to do ahead of them. i spoke to a doctor also with the university of miami of arrived here yesterday. he said that 48-hour window did give him hope. he was very optimistic that if somebody was trapped under that rubble and brought out, they would be able to attend to them. he wanted to remain positive but clearly on the
, is the fact that obama is talking about more threats against the united states, such as the one we saw christmas day, and at the same time, they say, that al qaeda in yemen, responsible for that christmas day attack, is, in fact, in the process of planning still more similar attacks, some, perhaps, even involving women. they say they're bound and determined to attack the united states. recent intelligence, however, says that that doesn't appear to be imminent, savannah, at least for now. from kabul, back to you guys. >> thanks, mick. >>> still to come on "the daily rundown," massive relocation efforts are under way in haiti. tens of thousands are moved to tent cities outside the earthquake-devastated capital. and a man trapped for 11 days emerges unscathed. what saved him? we'll have that next. >>> plus, "time" magazine crowned him man of the year, but what happens to the markets if ben bernanke isn't reconfirmed as fed chair? cnbc's steve liesman takes a look next. >>> but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. it's laker day at the white house. kobe bryant making an appeara
will rebuild. we will recover. and the united states of america will emerge stronger than before. >> the state of our union, the last time the president did this annual address to congress, but this year angrier, mad at the white house, mad at congress. >> our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll doesn't have anything good for washington. what will the president say tonight to turn it around? it's january 27th, 2007. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start at the white house. the president doing thiwhat he often does before a big speech. staying up work to late on it. >> we know this is going to be about 60 minutes long with applause. expected to be heavy on economic themes. all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> one of the speeches that they drew from was a speech he gave in april of 2009. that speech that was actually widely praised on how he laid out sort of his economic program. and i think that this is almost, by using that speech, it's a tacit acknowledgement that they didn't spend enough time telling the american people their store about the economy. and i think that's what they view
is the atmosphere? >> reporter: well, i think with the arrival of the united states military, there's going to be a major step up in security. we've seen a lot of guns, a lot of people packing, and i think that they're going to be charged with helping with that if things start to get out of control. the coordination right now is probably going to be the major story of this day, as it has been for the last couple of days. because as you know, the cell phone service is intermittent at best. it really is up and down. internet is up and down. the reality is, the president of the country is here, the last we talked to him yesterday, he was here, homeless, living here with no way to really communicate with his own people. so the communication is a major problem. and also, because this country relies so much on cell phones, as a way of communicating, you know, the question will be, how we get this material -- how this material will actually get to locations where people can be informed, they can come and get them. because it's going to be impossible to reach out to everyone. i don't have an answer
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to -- a lot of these measures are going to rest on one vote in the united states senate. that's why the opponents of change and progress have been pouring money and resources into the commonwealth, in hopes of promoting gridlock and failure. they want to keep things just as they are. so i would think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha's on the. it may not take you where you want to go. >> well, the president's campaigning like health care reform depends on it. well, because, it does. he's actually sounding some rhetoric that democrats on the hill have been begging for him to do a lot sooner than he did yesterday. democrats now tell us they're looking at a plan "b," maybe a plan "c," maybe a plan "z" to get it passed if they lose that 60th vote. >> and here to break it all down for us, ken strickland. the one i hear about all week was this notion that if they lost in massachusetts and they only had the 59 votes, you could get the house to simply pass the senate bill as is, but that's a bitter pill for the house to swallow. house democrats, they're not in love with
, without exception or equivocation that the united states will not torture. >> joining us now, nbc's david gregory and moderator of "meet the press." how about that? of all -- it almost sums up what this week has been like on this one-year anniversary. >> well, it also sums up, i think, one of the biggest criticisms against the president and one of the biggest concerns that particularly independent voters have. which is that he's just doing too much. and in doing too much, he can't solve enough and he can't solve the things that people are really concerned about, which is the economy, which is about their job. and so they look up and they say, well, is government really working? not real not really. it's not a whole lot better than it was over the past eight years, or at least through 2006 when the republicans threw out the leadership of the house. >> what do you make of this new populist tone we're hearing from the president. it seems so clearly focused on political -- i mean, it's not that he doesn't feel this way, but it just has the feel of being contrived. they're working really hard
before you and announce that i will be a candidate for the united states senate! >> well, why is hoeven such a prohibitive favorite to the point where some people are already writing the state off on the democratic side? the state's unemployment rate is just at 4.3%, that's the lowest in the nation. he has an 80% job approval rating, an approval rating so high, one blogger called it saddam hussein-style approval rating. but believe it or not, in north dakota, red north dakota, it's been 30 years since that state has elected a republican to the senate, way back in the 1980 landslide. it was in 1986 when kent conrad took another senate seat from mark andrews. democrats haven't won the presidential popular vote, of course, in north dakota, since lyndon johnson. at this point, it's unlikely that democrats are going to be able to find a competitive candidate. they're still searching, the sittisit sitting congressman there, earl pa palm roy was probably the most likely. if it's tuesday, someone is voting somewhere. we vote every tuesday in this country. today's special election is in my home
question. a lot of these banks paid back whatever they owed to the united states government. and your about to influence what private sector does is limited in the sense of you constraining bonuses. what you can do is, they have addressed it on the basis of trying to pay more in stock. i'm not sure that's going to, in fact, address what the country says. they should deal with certain issues like letting shareholders have a say in the type of compensation package they have. that's a way we can kind of address this. but the notion we're going to get to a yes or no is not the only way we deal with a complicated, the division how a private company operates, a company that's in the public, but not on the public payroll, is not just lends itself simply to a yes or no. >> rahm, let's move to health care, if we pay. do you expect the bill to pass by the state of the union? >> that is our goal, but our most important goal is not just getting the time right, but getting right now, where we are very close to finally achieving what the president set out a year ago. >> when is the state of the union, by
elders to discuss his proposals to reach out to taliban leaders, but the united states says it doesn't see any talks taking place with any top taliban leadership at this time. back to you guys. >> tom as spell reporting for us in london from that very important conference. >>> back here, news out of detroit we haven't seen for a while. for the first time in four years, ford motor company has finished in the black. cnbc's phil lebeau covers the car industry for us. this beat wall street expectations. so this run for ford's been pretty good over the last couple years, has it not? >> it has, chuck. it will continue for some time. in fact the company holding a conference call with wall street analysts right now saying that it is going to be solidly profitable in 2010. that's this year compared to the previous guidance which was profitability in 2011. for ford, the company's essentially saying, listen, we are done with losing mono, we are now back in the black making money both in the u.s. as well as overseas, across the entire spectrum of the country. the auto divisions will have solid p
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